What is a Mockup?

A Mockup is a way of showing your customers what a finished product will look like without going to the time and the expense of actually making the product.

Summer Road Trip Mockup.

As you can see above, here is an example of a Mockup. From this your customer can ask for changes in the font, graphics and color. All of this can be easily achieved and at no cost to you. It’s a very cost effective way of keeping your customer happy but also making your work look even more professional.

Why use a Mockup?

A mockup is a great way to show your customer what a finished product looks like. When you send a customer a black and white or even a color file it’s very difficult for them to imagine what the finished article will look like. When you send them a mock up they can see exactly what the finished product will look like.

The advantage to you will hopefully be less returns and unhappy customers as they will know exactly what they are buying. You can also use multiple pictures of mockups on your Facebook page or Website to show your customers what you make and how it will look.


Mockups will not only save you time but make you look more professional, which in return will make you more money and bigger profit margins!

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